Risk Management Program (RMP)

Effortless RMP Management for Seamless Ammonia Compliance

RMP Software

Facilities with ammonia refrigeration systems above certain thresholds must implement a Risk Management Program (RMP) as required by the EPA’s Chemical Accident Prevention regulations. AutoPSM helps you efficiently develop, execute, and sustain a robust RMP to ensure compliance.

Centralized RMP Data Management

  • Consolidated inventory tracking for ammonia quantities and processes
  • Document management for storing RMP policies, certifications, procedures
  • Mapping of safety information, hazard reviews, operating procedures
  • Mechanical integrity inspection data rolled up to RMP equipment reports

Prevention Program Compliance Workflows

  • Automated workflows for process hazard analysis (PHA) revalidations
  • Manage recommendations and action item tracking from PHAs
  • Operating procedure, inspection, and testing plan execution
  • Personnel training plan management and verification

Emergency Response Coordination

  • Develop comprehensive Emergency Response Plans (ERPs)
  • Outline roles, responsibilities, and lines of communication
  • Track equipment resources and ensure availability
  • Document notification procedures and drills

RMP Submission and Audits

  • Generate RMP submission data elements for EPA reports
  • Manage audit findings for continuous improvement

With an integrated ammonia PSM/RMP system like AutoPSM, you get seamless coordination of all RMP elements to comply with EPA regulations and keep your prevention program up-to-date. Request a demo to see it in action!