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According to the Occupational Health & Safety Administration, fields that use chemicals have long reported unexpected releases of materials with toxic, flammable and reactive properties, largely due to a lack of efficient control. The agency noted that events caused by these controlled substances can be extremely harmful to workers and the environment, and in some cases may be classified as disastrous.

Three Reasons to Roll Out Process Safety Management (PSM) training now are:

  1. Increasing your knowledge about handling chemical releases will make your entire organization a more secure place to work.
  2. PSM is also a smart financial investment, as chemical accidents can be immensely costly to remedy, according to Hydrocarbon Processing magazine
  3. Taking this preventive measure will likely reduce the chances of downtime and facility damage, both of which can be very expensive situations for your organization

We respect all our customers, and prospects for their efforts to keep this world safe.  We want to help in this endeavor.  We are not a training provider, however, we can help you find the right resources and companies to meet your educational needs to understand the PSM guidelines better.  Here are some suggested Process Safety Management training resources that will help you.  Watch this page for updates as add more content.

We are not certifying any of the content linked below.  This is purely provided as a convenience to our customers.

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