Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

PHA Compliance Engine Powered By a Complete PSM Solution

PHA Software

Conducting comprehensive process hazard analyses (PHAs) is a core requirement for facilities managing hazardous ammonia processes under regulations like the IIAR PSM/RMP, OSHA PSM, and EPA RMP rules. AutoPSM provides a centralized solution to efficiently complete PHAs while ensuring full compliance.

Facilitate Team PHA Studies

  • Electronically compile and distribute plant data, P&IDs, SOPs prior to studies
  • Record findings, recommendations, action items all in one place

Manage PHA Action Item Tracking

  • Assign owners and due dates for implementing PHA recommendations
  • Automated notifications for upcoming and overdue action items
  • Track investigation details, corrective actions, and closeout
  • Link action items to related changes, incidents, inspections

Simplify PHA Revalidations

  • Automated scheduling for revalidating PHAs every 5 years
  • Version control for tracking changes between PHA revalidation cycles

Ensure Compliance

  • Closed-loop tracking of all action items to completion
  • Audit trail for PHA review and approval workflow
  • Compliance reports showing current PHA status by system

By centralizing the PHA lifecycle, AutoPSM helps you streamline PHA activities, ensure studies are comprehensive, action items get implemented, and you maintain adherence to regulatory PHA standards. Request a demo to see it in action!