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PSM Dashboard

Track the effectiveness of your PSM program with quantitative scores

AutoPSM supports multiple metrics for each PSM element that roll up into summary scores for each facility and overall company.  Visualize where you are doing well and what you need to improve and stay on top of things ALL the time, naturally!

Reflect your company, facilities, and consultants you work with

AutoPSM supports a company with one or more facilities, and different types of users with different levels of system access.  You can set up equipment and staff at the right level and manage them effectively.

AutoPSM is open to working with consulting companies across the world.  As a consultant, you can reuse your AutoPSM collateral across your client facilities, and manage all your clients in one platform.

We bring consistency across your facilities, by default.

Automate your SOPs

Use one of our predefined templates or define your own for equipment Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  Generate elegant looking SOPs, with just the click of a button!

Cover all 14 elements of PSM

AutoPSM is a one stop shop to capture details on all 14 elements of PSM.  All with the same ease of use.  Track Employee participation, PSI, Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Operator training, Contractor qualification, PSSR, Mechanical Integrity, Safe Work Program, Management of Change (MOC), Incident Investigation, Emergency planning, Compliance audit, and Trade secrets.

Mobile Responsive PSM Software

Adapt to your mobile work pattern

AutoPSM works great on your desktop, laptop, and tablet devices.  We know that your work pattern will need you to be mobile.  So is our software!

Capture comprehensive equipment details

AutoPSM allows you to capture all the details of your refrigeration equipment in one place.  You can then relate these characteristics easily to all the other elements of PSM.  We tie things together very well.

Automated inspections supporting visual equipment capture with IIAR-6 compliant inspection forms

We have a whole set of predefined inspection forms for all your equipment, and all required frequencies as per IIAR-6 guidance.  You will get an automated schedule of inspections as per these guidelines.  See immediate feedback if values are not in range.  You can also snap pictures to capture the equipment state at the time of inspection.

And more…

If you like this short summary of AutoPSM’s features and benefits, you will love a demo of AutoPSM to get the complete perspective.  We are eager to show you.