About Us

Our Values


We prioritize customer needs, and build solutions that are intuitive and user-friendly to ensure customer success


We are open and honest with are team members, customers, and partners about our products, services, and business practices


We continuously improve our products through ongoing R&D, incorporating latest compliance requirements and technology advancements


We set high standards for quality of our products to ensure they are user-friendly, reliable, and performant.


We invest in building healthy long-term partnerships within the company and with our vendors, and consulting partners

Our Expertise

At AutoPSM, we bring decades of unmatched expertise in ammonia refrigeration, process safety management, and software development. Our team is comprised of ammonia refrigeration veterans, seasoned PSM professionals, and skilled software engineers who have poured their passion into creating AutoPSM. 

This powerful yet simple solution combines regulatory knowledge, ammonia refrigeration insights, software usability principles, and lessons learned across hundreds of implementations. It was purposefully built by PSM/RMP experts who have lived the day-to-day challenges you face.

But we don’t go it alone. Our in-house team collaborates with a vast network of professional PSM consultants, operating as a true one-stop-shop for all your ammonia refrigeration safety needs. From seamlessly executing process hazard analyses to modeling accidental releases, 

AutoPSM’s features were meticulously constructed based on first-hand experience. With our unmatched combination of regulatory mastery, process knowledge, and software expertise, you can trust AutoPSM as your committed compliance partner for decades to come.