Bulletproof PSM Compliance

End-to-End Solution for the 14 PSM Elements

Maintaining an effective process safety management (PSM) program is crucial for facilities handling highly hazardous chemicals. But keeping up with all 14 elements of OSHA’s PSM standard can be a daunting task. AutoPSM provides a centralized platform to comprehensively manage every facet of your PSM program. 

Manage all 14 elements of OSHA’s process safety management standard

  1. Employee Participation – Engage workers through mobile observations, change management, and more.
  2. Process Safety Information – Centrally manage P&IDs, operating procedures, equipment data, and safety studies.
  3. Process Hazard Analysis – Conduct HAZOP, What-If, and other PHA methodologies with full documentation.
  4. Operating Procedures – Maintain, review, and control safe operating limits and task procedures.
  5. Training – Plan, track, and record employee training on processes and PSM elements.
  6. Contractors – Ensure contractor safety qualifications, policies, and oversight.
  7. Pre-Startup Safety Reviews – Efficiently review operational readiness before startups and restarts.
  8. Mechanical Integrity – Schedule inspections, track deficiencies, manage equipment integrity.
  9. Hot Work Permits – Streamline permitting with automated workflows and checks.
  10. Management of Change – Rigorous MOC process for technical, procedural, and personnel changes.
  11. Incident Investigation – Conduct root cause analyses and manage recommendations.
  12. Emergency Planning & Response – Develop plans, coordinate resources, track equipment.
  13. Compliance Audits – Schedule audits, manage findings, verify corrective actions.
  14. Trade Secrets – Secure control of confidential process information.
PSM Program Visibility

Unparalleled Program Visibility

With AutoPSM, you get real-time dashboards, compliance scorecards, KPIs, and reporting for complete visibility across your PSM program. Automated notifications prevent lapses and our built-in workflows ensure PSM activities are executed consistently.

Technical Abilities

Some essentials for a web software that are automatically included in an evolving platform like ours

Achieve comprehensive PSM compliance, reduce risks, and build an industry-leading safety culture. Request a demo today!