Simplify Your Ammonia Safety Management Process

Experience the benefits of automation for Ammonia PSM process with our software, AutoPSM

EHS & ESG are more important than ever
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Onboard Fast

Onboard Fast

We provide the fastest onboarding of any PSM software today through several integrated design features and automation capabilities

Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

We provide all the tools you need to adopt properly and manage ammonia safety to stay compliant with safety regulations

Save Time

Increase Efficiency

Our intuitive software design makes it very easy for you to use whether you are an administrator, technician or a consultant

Save Money

Save Money

The less time you spend doing your PSM tasks with AutoPSM will translate into tangible savings that you can realize in the first year itself

The most feature packed Ammonia PSM software

AutoPSM is a tablet optimized software that covers all 14 PSM elements. We are evolving our software every month with feedback from all of our customers to make this the most valuable product in your operations. View the complete list of features
Mobile Responsive PSM Software
Referenceable Customers

A highly referenceable, satisfied, customer base

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Ammonia Incidents cost Health, Lives, and Money

It only takes one ammonia incident to cause a high impact to people’s health/lives and a company’s finances. Don’t let this happen. Paper based systems may appear cheap – they cost more in terms of employee time, and will make you rely on very few people who know the process. Liberate yourself, and focus on other things while AutoPSM simplifies your PSM program
$ 1000
Cost of an OSHA violation (Serious, other-than serious)
$ 10000
Cost of an OSHA violation (Willful or repeated)